Why am I running for RE-ELECTION?

Investing in Our Students

Anthony Danko - Oakville Catholic TrusteeJust a few months after I was first elected in November of 2006, a group of parents showed me the decrepit state of St. Thomas Aquinas (STA) Secondary School: water was leaking through the office roof and a student who used a wheelchair could barely navigate the elevator to get to 2nd floor classrooms. The overall state of the ageing building was well documented in a film created by parents and students and it made a strong case for action. EQAO scores were also suffering. With all the evidence we have in education literature that good learning environments lead to greater student success, why did we allow this situation to go on for so long? Why wasn’t anyone doing something about it?

The state of affairs at STA in 2006 was unacceptable to me. I personally met with our local MPP, Kevin Flynn and consulted with parents and administrators. I then introduced a board motion prioritizing the total reconstruction of the school, which passed unanimously.

This resulted in the province making a special grant of $14 million dollars in funding towards the construction of a new building. This funding simply would not have been offered to us if the board had not first passed that resolution.

Today, in 2010, construction is nearly complete and in the spring of 2011, STA students will begin classes in a brand new building, 21 years after it was acquired from the public school board. In the 2006 municipal elections, the major issue facing the board was whether or not to construct a new headquarters building for itself. During the election I was against the Board building a new headquarters. I am pleased that my time as a trustee allowed me to send funds directly into our students and their achievement, such as rebuilding St Thomas Aquinas school.

Anthony Danko Gets Results:

  • He sponsored the board resolution to prioritize the reconstruction of St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary school after years of Board inaction
  • Successfully re-introduced the committee system in the areas of policy development and
    strategic planning
  • Has fought for greater transparency and accountability with regard to trustee expenses
  • Fought for more objective methods of student assessment
  • Successfully restored trustee input into the selection of Principals